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          Amelia Ursache has gained recognition as a rebellious and glamorous fashion designer with a number of successful trendy collections created by her own label. During six years of study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest, she enjoyed learning and experimenting with fashion design and illustration, textile prints, pattern drafting and history of costume. Her participation in different design contests was recognized by the international press and has won her several awards. In1998, the ethnic collection “A Universe of Synonyms” was presented in London and awarded by “ELLE” magazine.
         The designer established her professional name in Stockholm, Sweden, the country where she currently resides. She gained experience in the studios of Lars Wallin, H&M, Livstycket, but her popularity was hugely boosted in the end of 2003 when Amelia became one of the protagonists of the reality TV series“FASHION HOUSE”. The program was broadcast in Scandinavia and Western Europe during a period of 4 weeks and demonstrated her skills in a highly professional atmosphere created by the presence of Valentino, Donatella Versace, Disquared, Antonio Berardi and Costume National.
         Since 2004, at the advice of Italian designer Valentino, Amelia set up her own company. She designed and manufactured her clothes in short series of sizes from XS to XXL. The two season collections which are created every year were promoted during international fashion shows and fairs as Pret-a-Porter Paris, London Fashion Week and Stockholm Fashion Week.
         The feminine, creative style as the high quality of the fabrics made the women enjoy aMELIa uRSACHe design models. The label found easily place in exclusive stores near labels as Prada, Stella McCartney, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs. They are selling in several European countries directly to boutiques and via agents and distributors. In Ireland and UK, the brand has the agency 192 West as exclusive distributor.


aMELIa uRSACHe's design clothes are:
creative, elegant, feminine
          Both street wear and evening wear, “AU” garments are particularly thru their eclectic and innovative style. The contrast is the most significant attribute of their inspiration, fabrics and styling.
          Even the silhouette remains classic and elegant, the patterns are distinguished thru their original details and the textures are mixed in a playful combinations of refined colors. Rock is blended with sensual and glamorous,optimism with dramatic.   

timeless & functional
          Energetic, passionate, always in a cascade of new ideas, Amelia Ursache dedicates her work to the charm and mystery of femininity. She finds her inspiration in a “world-wide mix” of ancient cultures and gives with enthusiasm new dimensions and interpretations to the old values which uncover the woman beauty.
          Always in action and searching to spread her artistic message with a new collection, fashion is understood by the designer as one of the most complex arts: “For me fashion is one of the most interactive arts, it can be easily seen as an international language for esthetical communication and personal expression. It’s a vision for tomorrow with the nostalgia of yesterday, it is a weapon when we need to fight, but also an inspiration for a relaxing morning. It is a visit card for our feelings to the world and it has the raw ”happiness” hidden inside of every one.”
Some of the models are promoting various options of looks and different functionalities. This very unique characteristic of Amelia design, offers to the customer the possibility of transforming a model, just by turning it upside down or in to out. A sporty, daily garment for example, can be switched in a few seconds into an elegant one just thru a simple operation by a detachable zipper or buttons.

          “AU” creations are “timeless” by their original design and exclusive quality. 
The casual denim line “au” by Amelia Ursache is represented by street wear, casual outfits in cotton, denim, linen and wool. The exclusive cocktail dresses or evening gowns which are signed aMELIa uRSACHe, propose feminine collections in luxurious materials as: silks, velvets, jacquards.

Who wears “Amelia Ursache” clothes?
          Even she is a modern,quick-tempted women, she doesn’t belong to that category of people who like to go around without to be noticed. The “AU” nonconformist details and the sculptural cuts are created with the idea of highlighting a strong feminine personality, a sensual presence full of mystery.
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