Inspired by the sailing world,CAPTAIN NEMO is a collection which stands an equation for opposite feelings:THE SEA = the wave’s revolt + the silent of the depth.
This is a casual-elegant linewhere the fabrics are used to describe their identity through a mix ofcontrasting textures and qualities. Every outfit represents a symbol for asailing element from a geographical and historical perspective.
White sails are transformedinto skirt-pants in Taft, algae of the sea are found as flower print blouses inveil, strings and tiny details of the dresses reminds of the exotic fishesoutline, of the twine and the anchor. Sailors and pirates create their new lookby exchanging pieces of their costumes with each other.
A simple, but value life ofadventure and meditation is purposed as a temptation for the next warm season.
AW06 collection DIVA
The autumn/winter collection 2006 is inspirited by the Hollywood`smovie-stars from the `3o-s and `40-s.The outfits are tweed tailored suits, furcoats and glamorous gowns in silk and velvet. The design is a mix between acouple of feminine and masculine details of the style from the period.“Old fashion” colours as charcoal and chestnut brown are refreshedof bright cerise, purple and turquoise in a very modern touch.
AW05 collection  MONSTER BLUE
SS04-AW03 collection ETHNIC
A mix of ethnical influencesas “Singoala” blouse, “Shanti” skirt and “Sari” dress represents the theme ofseveral unique designs created inside the hand-made atelier of “Livstycket”.The well known “Swedish buffet” becomes the main print of the collection wherethe choice of nuances of gold and silver gives a precious effect to the fabricsas raw linen and raw silk. Light and gentle through their patterns, creativethrough their small details with elastic thread, the outfits of the collectionETHNIC can be interpreted as a vision of freedom or an integral vote forimagination before all other goals.
AW05 collection WILD BAROQUE
How should it be if aVersailles soirée would instantly move in the middle of Wild West?
The collection WILD BAROQUE istrying to illustrate in fashion the answer of this fantasy question.
The romantic style will keep asophisticated cut, since the refined brocades will be substitute by the topgrain leather.
The transparent, gentilefrills in lace, so specifically to the baroque period, will end up the sleevesin a cascade of rebel volumes, catching the attention by their raw skin edges.
The corsets will gather thesilhouettes, modelling a really “wasp-waist”, since the patterns will play morewith asymmetric lines, lightening up the penny skirt and its several twill layers.
The classical baroque costumewill keep its elegance note bringing at the same time the spices of a wildlook.
SS01collection  VENETIA
Sensual and romantic as a lovesong, VENETIA is a collection special dedicated to the New Year Eve.
Following the body outline,the passionate silk colours as burgundy red and sienna brown are adorned withthe original handmade structures of silver metal thread which has been crocketand decorated with icy tones pearls and stones.
The one, who is coming to wearthese gowns, will be delighted to discover how any other accessories will be sounnecessary for a dress which is already jewellery by itself.
The graceful line, the sensualnuances and the precious stones, could certainly fit to the silhouette as muchas a glamorous night in Venetia would fit to a woman in love.

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