Fashion show- collection SUZY
12th of May 2012, Stockholm

TIKKA lace dress  Photo: Andreea Retinschi    Model: Madalina Vasile
DORA skirt & top in batist cotton and lace. Model: Sarah Nilsson
ADELLE dress in viscose. Model: Sara Weidenblad
ADELLE dress. Model:Sara Weidenblad
IRENE dress in linen and lace. Model: Jessle Chanell
MARTA top in chiffon and lace. MAMELUKER pants in batist cotton and lace. Model: Alexandra Cabrera
MARTA blouse in lace. LOLO pants in silk/cotton. Model: Oksana Maria Lorczak
SOPHIE dress in cotton and lace. Model: Sarah Nilsson
ANETTE skirt/blouse in beige jaquard  and blue cotton.
 Models: Sarah Nilsson (left); Oksana Maria Lorczak (right)
JOSEPHINE jacket in linen. NANSO top & skirt in stretch cotton. Model: Josephine Helena Aalto
VALLERY blue jacket in linnen. COLETTE white blouse in viscose. LOLO pants in silk/cotton.
Model: Sara Weidenblad
CORINNE silk/cotton dress. Modell: Sarah Nilsson
CORINNE 2A, batist & lace dress. Model: Oksana Maria Lorczak.
GABRIELLE blouse & skirt in cotton jaquard. Model: Jessle Chanell
MAMSELLE dress in viscose/cotton and lace. Model: Sara Weidenblad
LAVINIA jacket in linen. Model: Sarah Nilsson
SEPHIRA dress. Model: Sara Nilsson
SHELL top & skirt in wrinkled cotton.Model: Oksana Maria Lorcksak
ELISE dress & bolero in stretch cotton jaquard. Model: Jessle Chanell
ALEGRIA tunic/dress in pleated cotton and taft. Model: Sarah Nilsson
VIVI dress in sand linen. Model: Oksana Maria Lorczack
MELANIE dress in veil georgette. Model: Sara Weidenblad
ISABELLE dress in whiteand black chiffon. Models: Alexandra Cabrera (left); Josephine Helena Aalto (right)
GENEVIEVE trench in satin cotton. Model:Jessle Chanell
BUTTERFLY dress in chiffon and jaquard. Model:Oksana Maria Lorczak
SUZY silk dress. Model: Josephine Helena Aalto.
NITOUCHE dress in cotton and chiffon. Model: Sara Weidenblad

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