Fashion show of collection TRIBAL DELUXE
"Nalen" theater, Stockholm
Pictures by Elisabeth Moore
Sue Chintu SIENNA blazer
Elinore Casselvik in TRIBA dress
Jessle Chanell in ARUBA dress
My Ekstrand in ZORA dress
Elinore Casselvik in KYARA dress
Daniela Dana in AZURA dress
Jessle Chanell in LAVA top/LAVA pants
Sue Chintu in TISA jumpsuit
Elinore Casselvik in SAGA jumpsuit
Jessle Chanell in NENA top/skirt
My Ekstrand in ARIA dress
Elinore Casselvik in CRINA dress
Sue Chintu in LEO jacket and TUVE dress
Jessle Chanell in WAYA jacket/skirt/top
Elinore Casselvik in CRINA cape
Daniela Dana in IMONA top & skirt
Sue Chintu in TIRRA dress
Jessle Chanell in LARNIA dress
Elinore Casselvik in YLVA dress
My Ekstrand in SAMARA dress
Dana Daniela in NEVA dress
Jessle Chanell in ESTARA dress
Elinore Casselvik in TIKKA dress
Jenny Isabell in SHANIA dress
Elinore Casselvik and Amelia Ursache
Designer Amelia Ursache and the  models
Left to right: Jenny Isabell, My Ekstrand, Sue Chintu, Daniela Dana, Alexandra Cabrera, Amelia Ursache, Sara Weidenblad, Sarah Nilsson, Josephine Aalto, Elinore Casselvik.
Designer Amelia Ursache with assistants Sara and Justina, the styling team from 25 Kvadratt/Stockholm and choreographer Aviance Millan/New York.

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