SS06 collection FREE SPIRIT
Air, movement, sensuality
Just a butterfly fills the morning’s clear sky with its summery colours.
It is a lovely contrast inside the nature, an invitation to the absoluteharmony.. 
The Universe is flirting these days by its pure beauty...and try toimagine how hundreds of pastel nuances could get life in some gentle, halftransparent fabrics as veils and chiffons.
“If I would give a shape to my new impressions, I would probably choosethe bias frills, plunging V-neckline, draped layers and lace borders. As aresult, low-wasted dresses will “hang” on the body and will be able “to dance”together with the one who will were them.”
The inspiration has got the perfume of –one of the most significant period of the fashion history when the womensucceed with a substantial transforming of their beauty ideal. By cutting theirhair shortly, masculine, by reducing the length of their dresses to half of it, byarousing a great interest for ”the modern” attitudes as ”smoking”, Charleston and jazzmusic, women started to show their independence and their femininity in a moreexpressive way then before.
Following  Madeleine Vionnet`s work, some famous movies  as“The Great Gatsby” and not the last.. the little butterfly on the sky, thedesigner’s passion  for the fashion revolution of the 20`s became thestrongest impulse to create the spring/ summer collection 2005 FREE SPIRIT.

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