Inspired by tattoos and animal prints, the Tribal Deluxe collection conveys a primitive beauty with a hint of Africa.
  Long, wide pants in chiffon are combined withcotton/satin tops featuring patchwork patterns. Chic cocktail dresses  come in a palette of warm colors: copper reds, ochres and browns.
The feline silhouette of the S/S 12 collection is created from exclusive laces, Jacquards and lycra fabrics.
FIGO dress
TIKKA dress
TIKKA dress(detail)
LAVA top, LAVA pants
SAGA jumpsuit (left), HALE jumpsuit (right)
AZURA dress
FREZIA dress
BUBU top, BUBU skirt
KYARA dress
ARUBA dress
LEO jacket,(left), TUVE dress(right)
TIRRA dress
GHANA dress
NEVA dress (left), SHANIA dress (right)
MAURA dress
TISA jumpsuit
NADÈ dress
NENA top, NENA skirt
TRIBA dress
WAYA top, WAYA skirt
WAYA jacket, WAYA skirt
NOA jacket, TIVO pants
NOA jacket, TIVO pants (back)
IMONA top, IMONA skirt
ANISHA dress(left), LARNIA dress(right)
MANTRA dress
ESTARA dress
LOA dress
NEVA dress (left), SHANIA dress(right)
SAMARA dress

TERRA dress
KRAM jacket, TERRA dress
KRINA dress/cape
KRINA dress/cape
ARIA dress
YLVA dress

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